COVID-19 Related Articles for Teachers and Students

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Run Time: 12;00

Experience of Isolation

Cocoon is worth the watch for educators, students and families. The film portrays the experience of isolation from the perspective of young people. It could be a strong text to include in an inquiry about belonging, connection, resilience or relationships. Probably more suitable for upper elementary aged students.

The film Cocoon documents the early months of the pandemic told through the perspective of students, ages 4 to 17, living in their homes in Portland, Oregon. The film explores students' varying points of view about the pandemic on issues including job loss, health concerns, and school changes. As students express their fears and insecurities, they also share what they have come to appreciate and what they miss the most—their friends and human connection. (Global Oneness Project)

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The Pandemic is a Portal

Run Time: 2:05 - Sep 7, 2020

Something to Consider

The Worlds Largest Lesson has published a provocative video with a message that the Pandemic is our chance to leave the past behind and to look forward to create new opportunities for a better world. This video connects to all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Time to Change? Absolutely!

Human activities have caused the world's wildlife populations to plummet by more than two-thirds in the last 50 years, according to a new report from the World Wildlife Fund. Check out the Living Planet Report 2020 report which found that population sizes for monitored species declined by an average of 68 percent from 1970 to 2016. [Source: NPR Article].

For Parents

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For Parents

Explaining COVID-19 to children:

[March 8TH, 2020 | 04:11]
There’s a new bad guy in town and his name is COVID-19, aka Coronavirus. In a special PSA for The Story Seeds Podcast, Jason Reynolds, the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, gives kids (and grownups!) eight everyday tips for fighting germs and staying healthy, plus an example of a recipe homemade hand sanitizer (for all those slime makers out there).

Learn About the ABC's of Coronavirus With Sesame Street Characters and Guests

  • Part 1: Doctor answers questions from kids - 18:26

  • Part 2: Face masks and hand washing with Elmo - 13:02

  • Part 3: Dealing with big feelings - 13:27

  • Part 4: How to handle spending so much time at home - 11:29

  • Part 5: Helping kids cope with loss - 09:09

  • Part 6: Tips for staying healthy - 07:45

Coronavirus Posters

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