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We are on Summer Break - the next updates will be in August 2024. Below are a few Fall PD opportunities and a new book on inquiry.

Crafting Inquiry 2024: Inspiring mathematics Success for all Students!

PD - 20 June 2024 [Professional Development]

How can we ignite a love for mathematics in every elementary student? Join Jo Boaler and Cathy Williams, cofounders of, for an inspiring one-day conference designed for K-6 educators and leaders. Learn research-backed strategies to promote a growth mindset, deepen conceptual understanding, and foster collaborative problem-solving skills. Discover how to use rich mathematical tasks and turn mistakes into learning opportunities, creating an inclusive environment where all students can excel in math. Date: Friday, October 18, 2024. Location: The Nines Hotel, Portland, OR. More information and registration.

Reggio Emilia  September 2024 Study Tour

PD - 19 June 2024 [Professional Development]

Zerosei Project invites you to join them on the September 2024 study tour to Reggio Emilia and Bassa Reggiana, in Italy. The tour is designed for educators and professionals in the teaching sector. Its aim is to provide an immersive experience showcasing some selected between the educational excellence in the territory of Reggio Emilia and Province, Milan and Bologna. View a video of the 2023 visit.

The professional development program will begin on Monday 16th September at 9 AM and will end on Saturday 21st September at 6 PM.

Elevate Conscious Discipline: Embrace Possibilities - Conference

PD - 19 June 2024 [Professional Development]

The Elevate Conscious Discipline: Embrace Possibilities conference empowers attendees to harness self-regulation and compassion for positive, lasting change in schools and classrooms. Collaborate with a team of active educators to develop a personalized plan that fosters community, confidence, respect, and lifelong learning. Conscious Discipline provides education professionals with proven tools to transform challenges into growth opportunities. October 23-25, 2024 in Las Vegas.

Curating Inquiries: Curriculum Design and Mapping for Primary Schools

New Book - 8 June 2024 [Inquiry Resources]

Grant Lewis's new book, "Curating Inquiries," is a must-read for curriculum coordinators, teachers, and administrators. With over 20 years of experience, Grant shares his insights on inquiry-based learning in a conversational and engaging style. This comprehensive guide is packed with practical strategies for designing and implementing inquiry-based curriculum, making it an excellent resource for educators aiming to enhance student learning through meaningful inquiries. Highly recommended for those involved in IB PYP and inquiry-based education.

Summer 2024 Newsletter Published

Chapter International Online Workshops: September 2024 - March 2025

Workshops - 6 May 2024 [Professional Development]

Looking for some professional development opportunities next school year? Chapters International has published a list of their PD offerings for the next school year. Workshops on inquiry, differentiation, SEL and more are offered.

Developing Your School’s Vision for AI

Web Resource - 27 April 2024 [AI in the Classroom]

Discover how Toddle's resource guide empowers school leaders and administrators to navigate the integration of AI in education. From crafting AI policies to evaluating tools and introducing AI concepts to staff and students, Toddle provides practical solutions tailored to educational settings. Access exemplar policies, evaluation checklists, and student citation templates to implement AI strategies effectively and promote academic integrity.

AI-Compatible or AI-Resistant?

Video - 27 April 2024 [AI Tools]

Are you an AI-compatible or AI-resistant educator or are you both? Watch this short video by A.J. Juliani where he explores the two paths: "AI-resistant" and "AI-compatible." Discover the pros and cons of each approach and how to strike the perfect balance in your classroom. Don't miss this insightful video that equips you to navigate the AI-powered future of education effectively. Also read about "Four Free A.I. Tools For Schools That Are Better Than ChatGPT."

What Makes a Great Principal: The Five Pillars of Effective School Leadership

Book - 23 April 2024 [Leadership

Hi school leaders....Looking to take your leadership to the next level? Check out "What Makes a Great Principal" by George Couros and Allyson Apsey. This insightful book outlines the five essential pillars of effective school leadership - from casting a visionary path to building a community of learners. With practical tips and inspiring examples, it's a must-read guide for school leaders striving to create positive change and drive student success. It could be a inspiring way to invest in your professional growth this summer!

Math-ish: Finding Creativity, Diversity, and Meaning in Mathematics by Jo Boaler

Book - 22 April 2024 [Math Resources

Teachers, you might be interested in Jo Boaler's new book, "Math-ish" which invites you to discover a refreshing vision of math as a creative, multi-dimensional subject. Jo Boaler draws on research showing how open-ended exploration and real-world applications boost students' enthusiasm, problem-solving abilities, and quantitative literacy. The book empowers teachers to recognize diverse math talents, dispel stereotypes about who can excel, and build positive mindsets. The book is an engaging read that provides simple strategies for richer, more meaningful math instruction.

Support for Project Based Learning

Report - 21 April 2024 [Project-Based Learning

This easy to read Gallup report "Creativity in Learning" examines fostering creativity in classrooms and the role of Project Based Learning (PBL). It finds teachers and parents prioritize PBL outcomes over standardized tests (check out the charts). PBL fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and student confidence. Students desire more PBL and autonomy in learning Learner agency). 

What Earth in 2050 Could Look Like

Video - 21 April 2024 [Climate Action P2

As we grapple with the dire consequences of human-induced climate change, governments consistently fail to fulfill their promises to reduce emissions, exacerbating the problem. Consequently, what lies ahead for our planet over the next 30 to 80 years if we persist on this trajectory? Shannon Odell provides a peek into the potential future of Earth. Please note: viewers should be primed for a somber outlook at the start of the video, though hope emerges with actionable solutions toward the end.

CBC Kids News

Website - 14 April 2024 [Student Resources

CBC Kids News is a Canadian daily news service for children, focusing on topics that matter to them. It aims to provide real news in a way that resonates with young audiences and includes their perspectives. The content is well-researched, balanced, and adheres to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Journalistic Standards and Practices. The service is created for and with children, providing trustworthy information that gives children a voice in the news.

Let Go, to Let Grow

Video - 12 April 2024 [Play

In this inspiring TED talk, Gwen Coffey raises concerns about excessive rules and restrictions in schools that limit children's independence and learning. She believes overprotective parenting and micromanaging can increase anxiety and hinder academic performance. Gwen encourages adults to let children take on tasks independently and experience consequences to foster growth. Drawing from personal experience, she emphasizes the importance of teaching responsibility and safety through supervised use of tools. This talk would be a great provocation for your students or parents.

The Circles All Around Us – Picture Book

Read-a-Loud Book - 7 April 2024 [Literacy/Read-a-Loud Books

"The Circles All Around Us" picture book beautifully shows how our circles of connection grow through kindness and inclusivity. It would be a wonderful book to use as a resource for a unit about Community or Relationships. Expanding from family to community, it invites students to reflect on their own circles while learning empathy. An ideal classroom read-a-Loud book, it sparks inquiry into relationship-building, embracing differences, and making the world bigger through compassionate actions. 

The Downside of Helicopter Parenting

Video - 6 April 2024 [Play

When I taught in Japan, young children often walked to school alone or took public transit independently, contrasting with the 'helicopter' parent culture in places like North America. Research highlights a decline in unsupervised activities crucial for fostering self-reliance and confidence. Despite parental acknowledgment, safety concerns and societal norms often constrain children's autonomy, as depicted in this video.

A Step-by-Step Process for Replacing Tests With Meaningful Performance Tasks

Blog Post - 5 April 2024 [Assessment/How To Assess

In his enlightening blog, A.J. Juliani discusses the shortcomings of traditional tests in accurately measuring student understanding and retention. He advocates for performance tasks and project-based assessments, emphasizing their ability to promote greater inquiry and learner agency resulting in improved understanding and retention. Even though implementing these methods requires meticulous planning, collaboration, and a shift towards valuing diverse assessment approaches and empowering students in their learning journey, it is well worth the effort.

10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Podcast - 3 April 2024 [Webinars & Podcasts

Jam-packed with innovative classrooms and inventive teaching concepts, the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast, hosted by full-time teacher and edtech influencer Vicki Davis, interviews educators worldwide. Aimed at showcasing insights from numerous practitioners, it offers practical tips for immediate implementation. Listen to the latest podcast with A.J. Juliani: Essential Ingredients to Engage Students in the AI Age.

Making Sense of Universal Design for Learning

video - 31 March 2024 [Universal Design Learning

Watch this short, insightful video "Making Sense of Universal Design for Learning" to explore how UDL fosters inclusivity by addressing diverse learning needs. This educational approach, supported by technology and principles of representation, action, and engagement, benefits all students. Plus, check out the accompanying resource document for UDL principles, strategies, and examples to enhance engagement and support in your inclusive classroom. 

Revised PYP Transdisciplinary Theme Descriptors

Document - 27 March 2024 [POI/UOI

Have you heard about the revised PYP Transdisciplinary theme descriptors? You can view them here. While the themes remain unchanged, there's a notable shift in the descriptors, moving from focusing solely on human experiences to balancing human and natural worlds. Schools can adopt these new descriptors immediately, with a mandate for all PYP schools to implement them by September 2027.  Ask your PYP coordinator for more info about the revised descriptors.

How to Build Credibility as a Leader?

Video - 27 March 2024 [Leadership Videos

If you are an educational leader, this video by Toddle is for you. In the video, Doug Fisher highlights trust and effective communication as essential for educational leaders. He emphasizes reliability, honesty, and consistency in actions, advocating for open-door policies and regular check-ins. He also stresses continuous learning, urging leaders to model commitment to growth. By prioritizing trust, communication, and learning, educational leaders can foster credibility and drive positive change within their schools and districts.

Embracing Rough and Tumble Play

Resource - 27 March 2024 [Play

Discover the essence of rough and tumble play through this empowering guide from Toddle. It offers insights and strategies beyond traditional cautionary approaches, encouraging phrases that foster exploration. Central to the guide is the concept of "Essential Agreements," promoting mutual expectations and conflict resolution. Through stories, it illustrates consent and reflection. Embracing rough and tumble play as a learning opportunity, it transforms approaches to facilitate children's exuberant moments and developmental journey.

7 Steps To Plan Project Based Learning 

Website - 23 March 2024 [Project-Based Learning

Discover valuable strategies for crafting a Project-Based Learning journey. Explore the seven essential steps to orchestrate a PBL adventure and master the art of formulating a compelling driving question. Additionally, access a complimentary PBL Project Planner Starter. These invaluable resources are generously provided by Thought Stretchers Education.

Demonstrating Self-Regulation With Tone of Voice

Video - 22 March 2024 [Classroom Community

This Edutopia video emphasizes teachers' need for a calm, neutral, assertive tone to aid self-regulation in students, fostering a safe learning setting. Overly aggressive tones can deter students, diminishing motivation. Balancing calm assertiveness yields optimal student responses, crucial for effective teaching. It's a short video but well worth the watch.

What Happens When We Put Kids in Control of Their Learning?

Article - 22 March 2024 [Inquiry-based Learning

Unlock the power of inquiry-based learning to inspire hope and agency in your students. Dive into this article from CASEL to discover how this approach seamlessly integrates academic and social-emotional skills, fostering collaborative problem-solving and empowering students to make a real impact in their world. Don't miss out on the transformative benefits of inquiry-based learning – read the article today!

New Section: EAL/Translanguaging

Webpage - 20 March 2024 [EAL/Translanguaging

In this newly sprouting Inspiring Inquiry section, learn what Translanguaging is and what it looks like in the classroom. You will find the beginnings of EAL and Translanguaging teaching and learning resources. Enjoy!

How the Science of Learning and Development Can Transform Education

Research - 15 March 2024 [Educational Research

Good news! The Science of Learning and Development Alliance's new research reveals all children can thrive when supported along their unique learning pathways. By understanding key findings like the malleability of the brain, the power of relationships, and the integration of cognitive/social/emotional development, educators can transform practices to unlock every student's full potential. This summary of research provides a roadmap for creating equitable, developmentally-aligned learning environments that is well worth the read.

Fix The News

News - 15 March 2024 [Blogs & Websites P2

Are you exhausted from constantly encountering negative news stories? If so, why not sign up for Fix The News, a vibrant community committed to reshaping the narrative of the 21st century? Their newsletter operates on a fundamental principle: to reshape our collective story, we need to rewrite the tales we share. Every week, Fix The News delivers inspiring stories from around the world, offering a refreshing antidote to the overwhelming negativity pervasive in traditional and social media. Take a look and subscribe to the movement towards positivity by subscribing today – it's free!

PYP Infographics

Infographics - 10 March 2024 

Here are some creative Infographics and Posters crafted by Chris Gadbury

Sustainable Development Goals - Student Resources

Webpage- 6 March 2024 [Sustainable Goals

Attention educators: It's essential for students to grasp the principles of sustainable development early on. This UN website offers resources designed for both adults and young learners, presenting an engaging and interactive method to comprehend the Sustainable Development Goals and empower everyone to play a part in achieving them.

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