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Link: Rethinking Education

Hosted by Dr James Mannion, Rethinking Education features long-form conversations with fascinating guests about how we might create a more diverse, intelligent, responsive educational ecosystem that works for *all* young people.

If this sounds interesting to you, welcome to Rethinking Education: Education's Critical Friend

Website: Rethinking Education

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Link: Creative Classroom

The host, John Spencer is passionate about seeing schools embrace creativity and design thinking. In this podcast, he explores the intersection of creative thinking and student learning.

Important conversations with the best minds in education and leadership.Website: The Art of Teaching Podcast


Link: Chapters website

Chapters International offers a variety of educational podcasts by such presenters as Kath Murdoch, Ron Richhart, Guy Claxton and others.

IB Matters is a podcast (established in April 2019) which brings listeners content related to International Baccalaureate (IB) education. It is for students, parents, and teachers interested in learning more about IB and for those working in IB schools wanting access to pedagogical support for their teaching.Website: IB Matters or PYP related podcasts

Listen to educators and graduates from all over the world as they share their inspiring experiences building a better world through education.


Link: Flourishing Education

Do you have questions about our schooling and education system? Do you feel that something is not working but don't know where to start? Then, you've come to the right place!

Welcome to these powerful imperfectly perfect conversations that shine the light on AMAZING INDIVIDUALS who are DISRUPTORS AND INNOVATORS in EDUCATION.

Together, we explore the question - how may we change the way we parent and educate our children and young people for all to flourish?

Not through ONE PATH nor ONE SIZE FITS ALL but ONE'S PATH to a fulfilled and happy life.

Website: Flourishing Education Website

Link: Backwards Podcast

A.J. Juliani shares insights and stories on how to reverse-engineer any goal with a backward design approach. Drawing on years of experience using the backward design process for curriculum and learning development, he talks with experts and leaders who know a lot more than him about succeeding through backward planning in all kinds of areas (business, learning, sports, and life).Blog: A.J Juliani

Link: Thought Stretchers Education Podcast

The Thought Stretchers Education Podcast delivers thoughtful conversations and ideas to help educators think about their craft and better prepare learners for the modern world.‘Thought Stretchers’, Drew Perkins has hosted a number of excellent podcasts, all designed to promote productive dialogue about some of the complex and contested ideas in education – well worth joining. 


Link: School Leader's Project

Learn from extraordinary thinkers and doers. Build extraordinary schools.

This podcast hosted by Toddle is about how school leaders can create lasting change, build mission-driven teams, and navigate complex challenges.

In each episode, trailblazing guests peel off the layers of their journey, sharing their experiences, challenges, and breakthroughs. The podcasts go below the surface, attempting to learn transferable lessons on building extraordinary schools.

Link: Inspiration Influence Impact

Inspiration, Influence and Impact surround us daily. Listen as guests from all walks of life share where they have found inspiration, who has influenced them in their lives and what impact they hope to have on the lives of others. These stories not only connect us, but inspire, influence and impact those around us, often more than we’ll ever know.

Tom Sherrington and Emma Turner, UK-based and internationally-recognized education authors and consultants, have a lot on their minds. From best practices in classroom teaching to sustaining PD that makes an impact, they’re aware of the techniques that work, those that don’t, and the gaps that exist in education systems, within and across nations. In this podcast, they present proven strategies and interview experts from around the globe to share timely insights on K-12 trends; research-based approaches in need of greater reach; and innovative strategies to close global gaps.


The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners. To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice.

Room to Grow is the math podcast that brings you discussions on trending topics in math education in short segments. They’re not there to talk at people. They’re there to think and learn with others — because when it comes to mathematics there’s always room to grow!

Check these two podcasts out:

Link: 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

Filled with innovative classrooms, cutting-edge apps, and inventive teaching concepts, Vicki Davis, a dedicated full-time teacher and renowned edtech influencer, passionately hosts the Cool Cat Teacher Podcast

Through her platform, she delights in conversing with exceptional educators worldwide, aiming to showcase the insights of numerous classroom practitioners on a single, invaluable podcast. This empowering series promises practical tips for immediate implementation.


Link: Stenhouse Webinars

Watch live and on-demand webinars hosted by your favorite Stenhouse authors in literacy, reading and writing, math, classroom practice, and science and social studies. 

Link: Teachers Supporting Teachers

Teachers supporting teachers. Here you will find podcasts sharing insights into being and becoming a teacher. The site is hosted by Narelle Lemon, an Associate Professor in Education at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne Australia, currently working with final year pre-service teachers.

Link: Teacher's Corner

Teacher's Corner - Your go-to resource for teaching tips, author discussions with a focus on literacy, math, inquiry, wellness. Also check out:


Link: ASCD Podcasts & Webinars

Watch effective, research-based practices in action. Listen to advice from skilled practitioners. Accelerate your learning journey on your time and your path.

Link: Corwin Webinars

CORWIN offers free biweekly Monday Afternoon Webinar Series. Note: You will need to set up a free account to view.  Explore: 

Link: Page to Practice

From Page to Practice is a British centred podcast focusing on the application of educational reading in the classroom. Most episodes feature a contribution from the author of the selected text, followed by a number of readers contributing their reflections on the text and most importantly how they have applied it in their practice.

Website: Page to Practice


Link: Reading at Home

Share this free video series with parents to help students build stamina for reading at home. 

In this new series, Gail Boushey reads with your students, and helps them learn to read independently at home for 20 to 30 minutes at a time by teaching or reintroducing them to

Check out parent information HERE and student videos HERE.

Link: New View EDU

NAIS New View EDU  supports school leaders in finding those new possibilities and understanding that evolving challenges require compassionate and dynamic solutions. Tim Fish and Lisa Kay Solomon engage brilliant leaders from both inside and outside the education world to explore the larger questions about what schools can be, and how they can truly serve our students, leaders and communities. Their guests bring unexpected new lenses to considering the challenges and opportunities facing schools. No prescriptions, no programs -- New View EDU provides inspiration to ask new questions, dig into new ideas, and find new answers to the central question: “How can we use what we’ve learned to explore the future of what our schools are for?"

NAIS New View EDU Podcast Website

Link: OECD Education Webinars

OCED has a variety of educational webinars that are worth viewing.

Some Example Webinars


Link: Don't Call Me Resilient

Don’t Call Me Resilient, tackles systemic racism head-on and speaks with experts to help us figure out ways to deal with it. The podcasts delve into a variety of topics such as how climate change, critical race theory, Tik Tok and much more. 

Link: Notes From the Backpack

Notes from the Backpack: A PTA Podcast, gives you the inside scoop on how to help children succeed—in school and at home. It discusses real issues with parents and experts—from handling homework to school discipline—to support parents and teachers every step of the way! Join the conversation using #BackpackNotes and learn more at PTA.org/BackpackNotes.

Link: TCEA Tech Webinars

The TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) webinars website is a resource for educators that provides access to a wide range of professional development webinars on various topics related to technology in education.

The website offers both live and recorded webinars, covering topics such as Google Classroom, digital citizenship, STEM education, instructional design, and more. Each webinar is led by an expert in the field and is designed to provide teachers with practical skills and strategies to enhance their teaching practices.

Link: The Learner Lab

Each episode dives into a topic that can help us become better learners. They try to keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Link: Run Your Life Website

Host Andy Vasily interviews inspiring leaders from professional sports, the field of education, and the health/wellness industry to unpack what striving for excellence means and to learn more about the guiding principles that shape their work.