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Sharing the PYP

Developing curious minds A transformative and caring approach for children 3-12 years that builds a lifelong love of learning... Check their #SharingPYP blog!



Concept-Based Inquiry

Rachel French started this group as a place for Concept-Based Inquiry educators to ask questions, share ideas and discuss units that you are teaching. 


PYP Online Collaboration

A multi-lingual site welcoming schools and teachers who are seeking global online collaborations and who are willing to contribute actively . Please folks, if you are not an educator, you do not belong in this group


IB ATL Facebook 

A discussion group that focuses on Approaches to Learning (ATL)


IB PYP/MYP Community Network

A community of IB PYP and MYP teachers to share resources, clarify, question and experiment with teaching and learning. 


IB PYP Teachers: Support Group

PYP Teacher support and Teacher Support and Job / Vacancies


Kath Murdoch

Kath works with educators all over the world - with a particular focus on inquiry based learning.

Twitter:  @kjinquiry

Facebook: @KathMurdochConsulting   



Global Educator Collective

Facebook:  Global Educator Collective

There are groups for ALL subjects, grade levels, many locations, and specialized information.  See the full updated list at: 

Anne van Dam

Anne van Dam is an international educator who has worked in a variety of roles; as a teacher, PYP coordinator, assistant principal and school Director



Suzanne Kitto

Suzanne Kitto is an upper elementary PYP teacher, IBEN, Google Ed Level 2, self-taught tech & design enthusiast. 


Cindy Blackburn

Cindy Blackburn is a teacher and PYP enthusiast. She creates wonderful infographics about the PYP.


Climate Action


This group welcomed climate activist Greta Thunberg to the United States. They encourage people to join Greta's Student Strike for the Climate, the Sunrise Movement, the Green New Deal,, Fridays for the Future, Extinction Rebellion, and to take action wherever they are to change the system.


Greta Thunberg

Greta is a young climate and environmental activist with Asperger’s #fridaysforfuture


Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca Hamilton, a 16-year-old Canadian from Vancouver who's committed everything to the climate cause.