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"This is not a partisan debate; it is a human one. Clean air and water, and a liveable climate are inalienable human rights. And solving this crisis is not a question of politics. It is our moral obligation."

Leonardo DiCaprio

Call to Action

Greta Thunberg: There is Hope!

Run Time: 3:05 - Dec 10, 2020

Even though the climate crisis is getting worse, Greta Thunberg believes there is hope. She states, " The people have not yet been made aware. We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis. Nor can we treat something like a crisis unless we understand the emergency. So, let's make this our main priority. There is hope. Let's unite and spread awareness. Once we become aware we can Act. Then change will come...This is the solution....We are the hope...We are the people."

We Don't Care!

Run Time: 1:31 - Mar 20, 2022

“We Don’t Care” reminds its audience that the climate crisis is not being treated like the crisis it is. If our leaders and those in power don’t care, we won’t be able to bypass the worst climate affects.

Climate is a racial justice issue. Climate is a gender issue. Climate is a socioeconomic issue. Climate is a threat to disabled communities, and continues to amplify current systems and structures of oppression. Climate is everywhere, and we must act on it now.

Climate Changemakers Website

Website Source: World's Largest Lesson - Climate Changemakers
Are your students looking to take real climate action? They can if they visit Climate Changemakers, an interactive website created for children aged 8+. Through a 15 minute learning journey of videos, activist stories and a quiz, students are guided to reflect on why climate education is crucial to fight the climate crisis. They can then write a persuasive 100 word message to share their views.

Amanda Gorman's "Earthrise" Poem Inspires Us to Take Action

Run Time: 4:29 - Dec 4, 2018
Amanda Gorman wrote a beautiful poem called "Earthrise." The poem explores the moment in 1968 when the Apollo 8 astronauts witnessed the Earth from space for the first time. The Earthrise photograph, one of the most iconic and widely reproduced images in history, inspired the environmental movement. Gorman's vision and words challenge us. They are a call to action to become caretakers for our planet, our only home. (Sources: The Climate Reality Project &
Read the entire poem here.

"Earthrise" Film Inspires Us to Question Our Role as Global Citizens

Run Time: 29:48 - Dec 4, 2018
Earthrise recounts the Apollo 8 astronauts’ experiences and explores the beauty, awe, and grandeur of the Earth against the blackness of space. The Earthrise photograph, as Gorman expresses in her poem, had an everlasting impact on the astronauts and humanity, offering a powerful perspective that transcended national, political, and religious boundaries. Could the Earthrise photograph become a symbol of remembrance that unites as global citizens? (Source:

Use Earthrise in Your Classroom With the Following Educational Resources

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A Call To Climate Learning

Young people are finding ways to act on climate change – by learning. Watch this film and get involved like these young activists, because everyone, everywhere deserves a climate education.

Source: Worlds Largest Lesson
Run Time: 3:10 - Sep 21, 2020

The Great Big Lesson for Climate and Nature

This lesson turns COP26 into a classroom for everyone – turning learning into action by equipping audiences not only with knowledge but the ability to communicate about and act upon the climate and nature crisis.

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What will you get?

  • 🌳 An understanding of the key climate concepts with a focus on nature at the centre of it all

  • 🐛 A dynamic and interactive exploration of topics ranging from the future of food to the universe of soil

  • 🦋 The ability to put nature first, be Nature Positive and always ask the question, “Yes, but what’s the impact on nature?”

  • 🐄 Tools for communicating effectively with others about the climate and nature crisis and confidence to weave key ideas and solutions into any lesson, regardless of subject are

  • 🐢 A comprehensive resource pack with lesson notes, reference lists and classroom activities

  • 🌾 Perspectives from other young people from around the world who are taking positive action in the face of the climate and nature crisis.


Source: Worlds Largest Lesson
Run Time: 55:09 - Nov 5, 2021

Twelve Videos To Help Students Understand Climate Change

Here are 12 videos to help introduce the complex science of climate change to your students. Source: Website - Target-Upper Elementary/MS

How To Teach Climate Change Without Panicking Your Students

Teaching about climate change can prepare students for the future. Learn how to introduce this topic in your classroom and incorporate it into lessons across history, science, social studies and more. Source: Website

More Resources for Teaching Climate Change

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The disarming Case to Act Right Now on Climate Change

In this passionate call to action, 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg explains why, in August 2018, she walked out of school and organized a strike to raise awareness of global warming, protesting outside the Swedish parliament and grabbing the world's attention. "The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have all the facts and solutions," Thunberg says. "All we have to do is to wake up and change."

Run Time: 11:11 - Feb 13, 2019

More about Greta Thunberg

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Greta Thunberg: Time Magazine's Person of the Year-2019

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See Cover Page HERE

Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, whose lone school strike has morphed into a global movement holding world leaders to account, has been named Time Person of the Year for 2019.

The US magazine, which wrote a lengthy profile of Thunberg, praised her for succeeding in "creating a global attitudinal shift, transforming millions of vague, middle-of-the-night anxieties into a worldwide movement calling for urgent change".

"She has offered a moral clarion call to those who are willing to act, and hurled shame on those who are not," it added.

The magazine has handed out the annual distinction since 1927 which recognizes the person who "for better or for worse ... has done the most to influence the events of the year".

Thunberg, 16, joins the likes of world leaders including Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and Angela Merkel as well as innovators such as Mark Zuckerberg and Mark Bezos and humanitarians and whistleblowers including Ebola fighters and sexual harassment figureheads.

The teenager described the news as "unbelievable."

We Don't Have Time: A Call For Climate Activism

Basically, we are out of time to 'fix' the climate problem. We Don’t Have Time is a movement and a tech startup that leverages the power of social media to hold leaders and companies accountable for climate change. Being a member of We Don’t Have Time is free of charge and lets you create climate actions as well as interact and follow other member. Read more about the app and our community. Mobile App Download: Apple App, Google Play

Run Time: 1:38 - Apr 6, 2018
Run Time: 18:21 - Dec 8, 2018

Podcast: House on Fire

House on Fire is a weekly podcast about our greatest environmental nightmares and the plans humans are hatching to solve them. From seed vaults to tree plantations, plastic bans to carbon capture, the podcasts will ask the powerful and the expert for their creative ideas.

Taking Action

Run Time: 0:56 - Oct 11, 2019

Climate Action

Run Time: 1:48 - Jan 25, 2018

The People's Demands For Climate Justice

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Teen climate activist calls it 'movement of her generation'

Run Time: 5:48 - Jul 1, 2019
Rebecca Hamilton, a 16-year-old Canadian from Vancouver who's committed everything to the cause. Here is Rebecca's Twitter page

Climate Action Poster

13 Climate Action Poster.pdf

Reducing Climate Change

13 Personal Choices Climate.pdf

Global Optimism

Global Optimism exists to precipitate a transformation from pessimism to optimism as a method of creating social and environmental change. We do this via three main routes.

The FIRST is by launching initiatives. To date, Global Optimism has launched three initiatives; Mission 2020, Profiles of Paris and Future Stewards.

The SECOND route is via engagements with key organizations whose success we regard as vital. We currently have 12 engagements where we hold advisory, board or executive positions.

The THIRD route is via periodic campaigns and media engagements that may either be public or behind the scenes. Our new podcast Outrage and Optimism is now available. Join us. You can find 33 pod casts and counting.