Building Capacity Through Leadership

Leadership - Summary

Effective leadership acknowledges the agency of all members of the learning community to take on formal and informal leadership roles to advance the school mission.

To create the culture and conditions necessary for all to take on leadership roles, leaders lead by establishing a shared purpose, encouraging shared responsibilities and building leadership capacity in the learning community.

Effective leaders:

    • Develop strong personal relationships.

    • Work collaboratively with others.

    • Value and operate with diversity.

    • Are open and share

    • Listen to unterstand

    • Praise more than criticize

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PYP Approaches to Teaching Poster

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An Insightful Booklist For PYP Leaders

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A booklist curated from speakers at the PYP Leaders Boot Camp, 2020. Concept-Based Curriculum Design and Developing Transformational Leadership, these books are sure to refresh your learning and bring new perspectives to your leadership journeys.

PYP Coordinator 101

A Guide to Collaborative Leadership

Sept 2019 - Run Time 14:05
What's the difference between heroes and leaders? In this insightful talk, Lorna Davis explains how our idolization of heroes is holding us back from solving big problems -- and shows why we need "radical interdependence" to make real change happen. Happy viewing.

Leading a 'Thinking School' Podcast

This Rethinking Education podcast is a fascinating conversation about why we need to rethink how we capture and evaluate and celebrate the achievements of young people; and how to transform a school by focusing on the professional learning and development of teachers. It would be inspiring to share this podcast with teachers/admin and discuss the implications for their school…and then create a road map on how to implement some of the ideas.

3 Ways Administrators Can Show They Care About Teachers as People

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  • Designing a Better Staff Meeting | Edutopia | Sept 29, 2021 | With the right planning, these meetings can maximize collaboration and even be uplifting and a little fun.

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