Collaboration Enhances Learning and Understanding

Collaboration: Summary

Collaboration is two or more people working together towards shared goals. This simple definition includes three parts: Two or more people (team); Working together (processes); Towards shared goals (purpose)

Collaborative planning builds collegiality and shared understanding about the changing context of education and the needs of learners. 

Collaboration encourages the sharing of expertise and resources and promotes ownership of procedures, processes and results to improve the transdisciplinary learning experiences and student outcomes.

Teachers collaborate within and beyond year-level teams, the school and the learning community about learning that takes place both inside and outside of the programme of inquiry.

Students demonstrate agency, and their capacity to take action for their own learning, by collaborating with teachers and peers.

Collaborative teaching practices between year-level and subject-specialist teachers come in different forms, and include co-constructed, supported and stand-alone learning experiences. 

Source: | Collaborative Planning in the PYP | Thought Farmer

EAL Collaboration Menu For Teachers

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Empowering Learners as Collaborators

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Collaborative Learning Strategies

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