Classroom Community

A call to action: Let's change the language "classroom management" to "classroom community" where all are involved. We are not "managing" but together with students we are creating a community.

Classroom Community Best Practices

Classroom Community Best Practices

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This PDF includes several articles about best classroom management practices. Source: Website
Also see: Top Proven Classroom Management Tips
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Remember That So Many Different Life Experiences Make Up a Classroom

You never know what others are going through…. Be patient, be kind.

This illustration by Hazel Mead is beautiful.

It’s always vital we remember that so many different life experiences make up a classroom, which places even more importance on SAFE & SECURE CONNECTIONS in the classroom.

Also, remember, this doesn’t just apply to the children…

Thank you to ‘Hazel Mead’ for such a powerful illustration.

Source: View this on the Hazel Mead website and purchase your very own:

Using Hand Signals to Manage Class Discussions

Inclusive, Equitable and Respectful DiscussionsThis video discusses how to create discussions that are inclusive, equitable and respectful by incorporating hand signals. Source: EdutopiaRun Time: 1:54 - Jul 31, 2020

Maslow Before Bloom Throughout the Day

Social-Emotional & Recharging StrategiesSome strategies discussed are: Greeting at the door; Movement/Brain breaks; Non-academic conversations; Temperature check; Peace corner; Mindfulness activities; and Unstructured Play. Source: Edutopia VideoRun Time: 3:01 & Article - Sept 29, 2020

Learning Check In Handout

Whole Class Feedback Strategies

Whole Class Feedback Guide.ppt
Created by Mike Gershon – (Modified by P.Ketko 2020)

More Classroom Community Articles/Videos

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  • Starting Each Class With a Warm Welcome | Edutopia | July 30, 2021 |A good welcoming activity is also a proactive classroom management strategy—it builds community in the classroom, establishes a sense of shared values, and makes everyone feel included.

  • Executive Functioning and Kindergarten Readiness | Edutopia | August 3, 2021 | Preschool teachers can use these strategies with students this fall and throughout the year to promote the skills they’ll need in kindergarten.

  • Teacher-Parent Communication Strategies to Start the Year Off Right |Edutopia | July 30, 2021 | By prioritizing communication with families at the start of the school year, educators can foster strong parent engagement, break down barriers, and provide support for all students.

  • 20 Ways To Bring The Joy Back To Your Classroom | Teacherthought | Sep 27, 2020 | The idea of joy in learning. Not joy for the emotional benefits but for the neurological effect and the residual human ‘lifting’ and growth that occurs when emotion and understanding occur together.

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