Sustainable Development Goals


This is a Call to Action for every person who cares about the future of planet Earth....your planet. Each of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) offers an opportunity for you to demonstrate your learner agency.

Choose one or more SDGs to learn and understand. Then decide how you will take action: personally, at your school, in your community or beyond to help meet the SDG 2030 goal. By embracing one or more SDG and taking action you will join the swelling ranks of people who are helping to make a difference for the future of life on Earth....your future.

Global Goals Message from Professor Stephen Hawking

"To save the world we need everyone to tell everyone" A very important message from Professor Stephen Hawking about the #GlobalGoals

Run time: 1:41 - Sep 18, 2015

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Our goal as agentic individuals should be to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals, to teach them to others and to take action wherever you live.

On 25th September 2015, leaders from 193 member states of the United Nations, met to discuss the world’s problems and decide on a plan to tackle them. They named this plan the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (commonly known as the Global Goals).

The three big aims of the Global Goals are that we fight inequality and injustice, end extreme poverty and tackle climate change.

On-line Book That Explains Each SDG

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SDG Resources


World’s Largest Lesson introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action.
Run Time: 6:19 - Sep 14, 2016
Run Time: 4:54 - Aug 15, 2016
Run Time: 4:39 - Sep 10, 2018

Doughnut Economic Model for the 21st Century

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here’s the state of humanity in a single image. It’s the “Doughnut” of social and planetary boundaries and it could just turn out to be the compass we need for creating a safe and just 21st century.

The hole at the Doughnut’s centre reveals the proportion of people worldwide falling short on life’s essentials, such as food, water, healthcare and political freedom of expression – and a big part of humanity’s challenge is to get everyone out of that hole. At the same time, however, we cannot afford to be overshooting the Doughnut’s outer crust if we are to safeguard Earth’s life-giving systems, such as a stable climate, healthy oceans and a protective ozone layer, on which all our wellbeing fundamentally depends. [Imagine if each school/district developed a modified version of the Doughnut Model to guide school-based decisions.]

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Doughnut Economics: Changing Economics for a Changing Planet

Run Time: 7:51 - Apr 24, 2018
Visit the Doughnut Economics Action Lab

Videos That Explain the Doughnut Economy

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Doughnut Economics Action Lab | Contains a variety of videos

Downscaling the Doughnut to the City | Jul 19, 2020 | Run Time: 11:21

Doughnut Economics - Lecture by economist Kate Raworth | Jun 19, 2018 | Run Time: 1:09:37

Why it's time for 'Doughnut Economics' | Kate Raworth | TEDxAthens | Dec 16, 2014 \ Run Time: 16:52

Doughnut Economics - Kate Raworth | Jan 9, 2013 | Run Time 17:37

Be a Change Maker: Paisley's Pals

Run Time: 1:27 - Jun 23, 2020

Meet Paisley Elliot, a 6-year-old change Maker trying to make the world a better place. After learning about refugees in school, Paisley started her mission to bring some joy to refugee children in camps all over the world.

This video encourages students to think about what roles they can play in helping to tackling inequalities and how they can take actions to work towards the Global Goals, whatever their age.

Everyone can be a Change Maker. To get started try out this Lesson Plan: Imagine If....Through group discussion and creative thinking, students will get involved in the Global Goals for Sustainable Development by inventing, innovating and campaigning.

Comics Uniting Nations

Comics Uniting Nations is a partnership between PCI Media and UNICEF, in collaboration with The World’s Largest Lesson and Reading with Pictures, to make the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals accessible to the citizens of the world through comics.

This series leverages the universal visual language and transformative power of comics to educate people in every corner of the globe about the SDGs and empower them to create positive and lasting change in their own communities and worldwide. Check them out!

Go Goals! SDG Board Game

Here’s a fun way to introduce your students to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The Sustainable Development Goals website hosts a board game called “GO GOALS!”. The purpose of the game is to help children understand the Sustainable Development Goals, how they impact their lives and what they can do every day to help and achieve the 17 goals by 2030.

SDG Picture Book List

Combating Global Misconceptions

Most people, including teachers, have severe misconceptions about the world they live in. When looking at the complexity of sustainable development, a fact-based worldview is essential. Do you unknowingly communicate misconceptions about the world they live in to your your students? Let's find out! Gapminder, an independent educational non-profit organization fighting global misconceptions has developed an ignorance survey that you and your students can participate in. Take the short test now. See questions and results from Gapminder test 2017. After you take the test view the two videos below.

How not to be ignorant about the world | Hans and Ola Rosling

Run Time: 19:09 - Sep 11, 2014

The Terrible Results from the Misconception Study 2017

Run Time: 8:03 - Jun 19, 2018

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World

Take More Action

Change Starts with You!

End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change. Whoa. The Sustainable Development Goals are important, world-changing objectives that will require cooperation among governments, international organizations and world leaders. It seems impossible that the average person can make an impact. Should you just give up?

No! Change starts with you. Seriously. Every human on earth—even the most indifferent, laziest person among us—is part of the solution. Fortunately, there are some super easy things we can adopt into our routines that, if we all do it, will make a big difference.

Have a look at just a few of the many things you can do to make an impact!

Click HERE for a PDF download of some of the actions.

What Does it Mean to be a Citizen of the World?

Hugh Evans started a movement that mobilizes "global citizens," people who self-identify first and foremost not as members of a state, nation or tribe but as members of the human race. In this uplifting and personal talk, learn more about how this new understanding of our place in the world is galvanizing people to take action in the fights against extreme poverty, climate change, gender inequality and more. "These are ultimately global issues," Evans says, "and they can ultimately only be solved by global citizens demanding global solutions from their leaders."

Run Time: 4:54 - May 4, 2016