Early Years

The PYP Learner In The Early Years (3–6 years old)

Early Years: Summary

In the Early Years:

  • Children are capable to construct their own learning.

  • Play is the primary driver for inquiry is valued by all stakeholders.

  • Children are collaborators and learn through interaction within their communities

  • Children are natural communicators and should be encouraged to express themselves however they feel they can.

  • The classroom environment acts as the third teacher

  • Teachers are partners, nurturers, and guides who help facilitate the exploration of children’s interests as they work on short and long-term projects.

  • Documentation is a critical component of communication.

  • Parents are partners in education.

Play involves choice, promotes agency and provides opportunities to inquire into important concepts and personal interests.

The early years should include as a minimum: play, relationships, learning spaces, symbolic exploration and expression which are central to learning.

Source: ibo.org | The Compass School

Early Years: Key Features

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Early Years: Key Domains

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Role of the Teacher in Early Years

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UN Rights of the Child: Simplified

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Podcast: Play, Assessment and Accountability in the Early Years

Created by RACHEL FRENCH FRENCHSource: Professional Learning International - 36.20- Aug 7, 2018

A Podcast by Anne van Dam who is an international educator who has worked in schools in the Netherlands, China, Singapore and Switzerland in a variety of roles; as a teacher, PYP coordinator, assistant principal and school Director.

In the first part of her episode with Angeline Aow, they discuss Early Years education, including the role of play, documentation, assessment and the rise of accountability around the world.

Anne is experienced with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), is a workshop leader and developer.

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PYP Early Years ATL Learning Card Example

Early Years Blogs and Videos

Constant Conversations: Unpacking Pedagogy

Anne van Dam & Fiona Zinn Blog co-created Constant Conversations: Unpacking Pedagogy.

ISZL Discontinued Early Learning Blog

Blog: Tales of La Tortugita

Laura Cox is an international educator who believes that our questions inform our learning journey and is interested in creating learning environments which provide greater differentiation for ALL students to pursue learning that is relevant to them. She created the Blog: Tales of La Tortugita

How Every Child Can Thrive By Five

Run Time: 7:26 - July 2021 - Click/Tap image to view
Want to be blown away...then watch this TED Talk by Molly Wright, a student from Queensland, Australia, who is a passionate advocate for early childhood development. At just seven years old, she's one of the youngest people ever to give a TED Talk. Here's a young girl who demonstrates agency, self efficacy, wonderful oracy and bundles of confidence. One has to wonder how this came to be!
Molly Wright is a Grade 2 student from Queensland, Australia. She's an aspiring wildlife warrior, performer and budding social activist. With the help of her parents, she runs Molly's Wildlife Warriors: a group of 40 children who raise awareness and funds for Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation in Queensland, Australia.

More Early Years Resources

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Insight on Inquiry: Starting the Year in Kindergarten

Kindergarten teacher Carol Stephenson brings us inside her classroom to share how she fosters inquiry-based learning at the very beginning of the school year. Carol teaches at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study, the lab school at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto).

To see how Carol concluded this inquiry, please watch this video

Run Time: 7:03 - Oct 17, 2016

Learning is a Team Sport: Kindergartners Study the Boston Marathon

Ben Mardell's documentary about teachers' and students' learning while engaging in an MLV-inspired study of the Boston Marathon. This video shares the strategies the teachers employed and what the children learned along the way.

Run Time: 32:58 - Mar 22, 2011

The Best Kindergarten You've Ever Seen

At this school in Tokyo, five-year-olds cause traffic jams and windows are for Santa to climb into. Meet: the world's cutest kindergarten, designed by architect Takaharu Tezuka. In this charming talk, he walks us through a design process that really lets kids be kids.

Run Time: 9:47 - Sept 2014

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