Professional Development Courses for Educators

Below you will find a collection of Professional Learning opportunities that focus on inquiry-based teaching and learning, learner agency and other strategies that promote quality teaching and learning . Please note that in most cases there is a fee*required to register for these courses.

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Chapters International

A variety of online workshops by excellent facilitators

Professional Learning International

Various Learning Opportunities

Corwin Institutes Workshops

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Texhthought Online Workshops

Innovative Global Education

Various Learning Opportunities

Blended and Online Learning Course

Self-paced Learning Structure

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This advanced blended and online learning course provides teachers with a deep dive into planning and facilitating learning for a variety of teaching and learning landscapes. Each module is composed of video lessons, resources, templates, and action items designed to encourage teachers to take what they are learning and create resources and lessons they can use with students immediately. There is also a bonus lesson at the end of each module that specifically addresses how the strategies and models can be used in a concurrent classroom in which teachers are juggling a group in class and a group online simultaneously.
This course is designed to help teachers architect learning experiences that strive to differentiate and personalize learning experiences, help students to develop their metacognitive and self-regulation skills, give students more agency over their learning, and provide more opportunities for students to control the pace at which they progress through learning experiences.

Making Sense of Self-Regulated Learning Workshop

This is the first in a series of four free 90-minute workshops, hosted by the Rathfern Teacher Research Network, to be held throughout 2021.
1. Self-regulated learning2. Self-regulation3. Oracy4. Metacognition
Dr James Mannion is the Director of Rethinking Education, and the host of the Rethinking Education podcast. See for details.

Neuroscience & the Classroom: Making Connections

The Neuroscience & the Classroom: Making Connections hoisted by Annenburg Learning is a free self-contained distance-learning course. The course for K-12 educators acquaints teachers with current neuroscience research that they can apply in their own classrooms. It consists of 42 video modules of varying lengths, course guide, online text and website. It would make a perfect PLC project.

Get to Know Action Research

Action research in schools and other educational contexts, carried out not by external researchers but by insiders who work or study there, has a long global history. Over the last 70 years, much has been written about the benefits and possibilities of combining research with action, enabling practitioners to develop their professional knowledge while improving their working practices. In education, this is often aimed towards positive influences on students and their learning. Learn more by clicking/tapping the image to view the free IBO website