The PYP Exhibition

The PYP Exhibition - Summary

The PYP (Primary Years Programme) Exhibition is a culminating project that represents a significant learning experience for students in the final year of the PYP. It is an opportunity for students to showcase their abilities to conduct in-depth inquiries, apply their understanding of transdisciplinary skills, and demonstrate their commitment to the PYP learner profile attributes.

The PYP Exhibition supports learner agency by empowering students to take ownership of their learning process. Students are encouraged to identify and explore a real-life issue or opportunity that resonates with them, allowing them to pursue their personal interests and passions. Through this process, students develop essential skills such as self-management, research, communication, and critical thinking.

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Inquiry-based learning is at the heart of the PYP Exhibition. Students are guided to formulate their own questions, design their inquiries, and actively seek information from various sources. This inquiry-based approach fosters curiosity, promotes independent thinking, and encourages students to make connections between different areas of knowledge.

Throughout the Exhibition process, students engage in collaborative learning, sharing their findings, and seeking feedback from peers, teachers, and mentors. This collaborative aspect nurtures learner agency by providing opportunities for students to take responsibility for their learning, make informed decisions, and contribute to the learning community.

The PYP Exhibition also encourages students to take action, applying their knowledge and understanding to address real-world issues or create innovative solutions. This action component reinforces the importance of learner agency and empowers students to make a positive impact on their local and global communities.

By emphasizing learner agency and inquiry-based learning, the PYP Exhibition equips students with essential skills and dispositions for lifelong learning, preparing them to become responsible, inquiring, and knowledgeable global citizens.

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PYP Exhibition Infographic

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PYP Exhibition Process Poster

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Guided to Student-Led Exhibition

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PYPx Student Planner

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Also, PYP schools have access to a limited free Toddle account HERE where you will find 15 learning experiences connected to the PYPx planner. 

Better World Project - Unit

Run Time: 6:54 - June 25, 2018


This video features an inspiring Better World Project accomplished by the Interdistrict School for Arts and Communication (ISAAC) in New London, CT, an EL Education school. It was one of 18 winning Better World Projects selected by a committee of EL Education students, teachers, and leaders, from submissions across the country. 

EL Schools are not IB schools, but this project is an example of what an Exhibition could look like - truly transdisciplinary, inquiry & concept based with student voice and choice and connect to being internationally minded - what is means to be human. 

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