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Genius Hour Explained

Also called 20% Time or Passion Projects, Genius Hour stems from a practice at Google. Employees were allowed to use 20% of their work week to explore projects of their choosing, as long as it benefited the company. Gmail, Adsense, Google News, Google Glass and other innovations were created as a result of this self-directed research time.


The goal of Genius Hour is to engage students through inquiry problem solving and critical thinking.  Many students are interested in science but may want to pursue a branch of science that is not covered during the typical class curriculum. Genius Hour allows students the flexibility to choose a topic, research the content that is necessary to learn about their topic, and then solve a problem or present about a topic they are passionate about without the constraints of the typical teacher driven instructional time.

In-Class Project

Genius Hour is a student-driven research project done at school and allotted 1 hour a week of class time. Students will be asked to select and pursue a science topic they feel passionate about. This project may be simply research-based or students may look into an answer to a problem, but each project will include a student generated question.  Projects will be graded for participation and require an outcome at the end. Students will present their project to the class and create a version of their presentation that can be placed on the web and shared with others.

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What is Genius Hour?

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Genius Hour Explained

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Reasons For Genius Hour

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At the Genius Hour Guidebook website, you’ll find many resources from the book by Denise Krebs & Gallit Zvi, plus bonus articles and materials. Best of all, you’ll be able to engage with colleagues eager to support each other as we implement Genius Hour in our classrooms and schools.

Genius Hour Guide-Book

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Genius Hour (or 20% Time) projects begin with a simple idea: give students a dedicated period of time to pursue their passions, interests, and questions in a creative way. In this blog post and podcast, you will learn about the benefits of doing Genius Hour projects. 

6 Steps to Genius Hour Poster

Genius Hour Guidebook

The Genius Hour Guidebook, written by  Denise Krebs and Gallit Zvi shows you how to implement Genius Hour – a special classroom time when students can develop their own passion-driven, inquiry-based projects and take more ownership of their work and their learning.

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The book takes you step by step through planning and facilitating Genius Hour. You’ll learn how to guide your students as they:

At the end of The Genius Hour Guidebook, you’ll find handy FAQs and ready-made lessons and resources. In addition, this companion website,, the book offers bonus materials and regular updates to support you as you implement Genius Hour in your own classroom.

Genius Hour Beginner's Guide

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Genius Hour Blueprint - Slides

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Genius Hour LiveBinder

Video Presentation: How to Navigate the LiveBinder

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5 Ways Student Choice Impacts Learning | AJ Juliani | Choice gives students the ability to go above and beyond our curricular limitations. Learn about five specific ways student choice impacts learning.

5 Ways To Launch Your Genius Hour Projects to the World

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Genius Hour - For Students

Bigger Definition of Creativity

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Genius Hour Introduction 1

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Genius Hour Introduction 2

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Genius Hour Introduction 3

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Genius Hour Introduction 4

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Genius Hour Self Assessment

Picture Books to Introduce Genius Hour

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Picturing Genius

Elementary teacher and vice principal Gallit Zvi uses these seven picture books to introduce her students to Genius Hour.

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Additional Genius Hour Resources

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Learning is Messy Poster

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