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Here you'll find tools and guidance for virtual teaching from our trusted authors and expert educators. This page will continue to be updated as more helpful resources become available. Sign up for their biweekly newsletter, Connections, to get updates and alerts as soon as new resources become available - go to bottom of the web page to sign up.

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Global Oneness Project

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The Global Oneness Project (

The Global Oneness Project is an amazing multimedia platform which offers free multicultural stories and accompanying lesson plans as pedagogical tools to inspire growing minds (Gr 4-12). You will find collections of films, photo essays, and articles that consider cultural, social, and environmental issues from around the world with a humanistic lens. Some topics: Migration, Climate Change, Indigenous Cultures, Nature, Inspiring People, and Creativity.

Aligned to National Standards and Frameworks, their curriculum content contains an interdisciplinary approach to learning and facilitates the development of active, critical thinking. Their films and lessons have been featured on National Geographic, PBS, The Atlantic, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and the Smithsonian.

Wide Open School

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Wide Open School features a free collection of the best learning experiences and activities for children, organized by grade band and subject. You will also find daily schedules with creative breaks and recommendations to keep kids engaged and exploring, one day (or one hour) at a time. [Common Sense Education

Brain Pop

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Brain Pop offers a wide variety of learning materials in all subject areas and all grade levels.

BrainPOP is now offering free access for schools and families impacted by school closures

BrainPOP Jr. (K-3)     BrainPOP ELL

Open School BC - Keep Learning

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PBS Kids for Parents (Age 2-8)

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PBS KIDS aims to improve educational outcomes for young children. It is committed to supporting the entire ecosystem in which children learn, which relies on their parents, caregivers and teachers — as well as local organizations that support education, including PBS member stations. This community-based approach is grounded in research that shows that when the adults in their lives are engaged, kids’ learning outcomes improve.


Learning Creative Learning

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Learning Creative Learning:  A community of educators, designers, and tinkerers exploring creative learning through projects, passion, peers, and play

National Geographic

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Each day NatGeo@Home offers new quizzes, videos, science experiments, and even at-home classroom resources. Ideas and activities for parents and kids to experience together. 

Home Learning Ideas - Various Subjects

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The Daily CAFE - Reading

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POPEY is a British Columbia Ministry of Education Outreach Program for the Early Years POPEY’s mandate is to increase K-3 educators’ capacity to support all primary English literacy learners, particularly diverse and struggling students in the classroom. 

Read*Draw*Create*YouTube Community (Gr 3-6)

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Kids Ask Authors

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Submit a question HERE!


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ReadWriteThink hosts a wide variety of resources for teachers and parents

Classroom Ressources:

Parent and After School Activities

Writing Resources

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Grades K-12

Grades 1-4

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

Reading Resources

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Grade K-3

Grade 4-7


Khan Academy

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100% free | Find standards-aligned content | Assign practice exercises, videos and articles | Track student progress

Into Math: Learn it Fast (Gr 5-9)

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ABCYa (Numeracy & Literacy)

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ABCYa is a collection of Math and Literacy games for all Grade levels. 

PRE-K; Gr K; Gr 1; Gr 2; Gr 3 Gr 4 Gr 5 Gr 6+

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Math At Home


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Youcubed provided a variety Math Problems/Tasks for all grades. Curated by Jo Boaler and Stanford Graduate School of Education | 100% free

Some Non-Screen Activities

Math BC 2020 Continuity of Learning - Richmond School District (K-9)

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Source: Richmond School Board Blog: BC 2020 Continuity of Learning

Weekly Math Plans

Instructional Routines

Math Games

Online Resources

To Share with Families

Source: Math Games for Learning – compiled by Ruth Parker

Math Resources

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Research / Inquiry / Sc /SS

Bill Nye The Science Guy

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Bill Nye the Science Guy website offers all of the original Bill Nye The Science Guy series. Bill Nye is a man on a mission: to stop the spread of anti-scientific thinking across the world.

Kids News

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Presented by News Corp Australia. Child friendly articles across most subject areas

The Kid Should See This

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The Kid Should See This is an unprecedented collection of 4,300+ kid-friendly videos, curated for teachers and parents who want to share smarter, more meaningful media in the classroom and at home. And thanks to our members, it’s free for everyone.

Selections are grown-up-friendly, too. TKSST champions smart STEAM, history, and culture-focused content by museums, organizations, and creators who celebrate curiosity, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, kindness, and other essential themes for all ages.

Crash Course Kids (Gr 4-6)

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Crash Course Kids is a collection of short videos discussing Earth science, physical science, biology, astronomy, and engineering at the Grade 4-6 grade level. Science focus: Engineering, Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science & Space Science

Specialist Subjects - Art, Music, PE / Play / Wellness

Kids Activities

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BC-SPCA - Learn from Home

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Drawing & Art

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Drawing & Art (K-3)

Drawing & Art (Gr 3-5)

Drawing & Art (Gr 6-8)

PE/Health & Wellness

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Grade 4-7


Nasa for Students

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Nasa for Students has a variety of STEM and Space Science information and activities for children for all age groups. Besides a variety of space/STEM topics, there are videos, image galleries, podcasts and more. 

Let's Invent with Frankie Sparks: The Class Pet (Gr 3-6)

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Let's Invent with Frankie Sparks is a video that asks students to solve a problem relating to having a class pet. Megan Frazer Blakemore describes the design process and encourages students to use it to invent a solution when solving their class pet problem. It's a cool project that students can do at home. They could even try to build their invention.

Digital Resources

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Assessment Resources

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New BC Rubrics K-12 [ELA, Math, Science]

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Source: New BC Rubrics K-12 (Drafts, Sept. 2019)