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(Focus: Brain-Based Learning, Classroom Management, Differentiated Instruction, Inquiry-Based Learning, Literacy, Math, New Teachers, PD, School Leadership, Student Engagement, Teaching Strategies)

Edutopia is dedicated to transforming K-12 education so that all students can acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives. Founded by innovative and award-winning filmmaker George Lucas in 1991.

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(Focus: Resource to help teachers write lessons that get children's brains sweating)

The Byrdseed website is chalk-full of differentiated learning challenges that will get all students thinking and spark their curiosity. I especially love the Puzzlements section which houses a variety of videos/photos that will peak your student's curiosity. You can even have 5 puzzlements sent to your email in box each week which could be posted each morning as your student arrive. Also have a look at Differentiation Techniques & Differentiation Examples

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(Focus: Smart videos for curious minds of all ages)

The Kid Should See This is a Webby Award-winning collection of 5,000+ kid-friendly videos, curated for teachers and parents who want to share smarter, more meaningful media in the classroom and at home. And thanks to our members, it’s free and available for everyone.

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(Focus: Grade 3 PYP, Exhibition, Assessment, Skills, Dispositions)

AppleMatsu Blog is run by Billy Applebaum, a PYP practitioner, who currently teaches Grade 3 at Fukuoka International School, Japan.

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(Focus: Educational Blogs, Articles, Books, Publications, Podcasts, Webinars, Videos)

ASCD (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development) is a global community advancing student achievement by supporting the whole child, and seeks to develop programs, products, and services essential to the way educators learn, teach, and lead.


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(Focus: Agency, Leadership, Relationships, Collaboration, Reflection, Professional Learning, Team Teaching, Self esteem, Empowering Learners, Exhibition, Flow & Passion, Assessment, Learning how to learn, Visible thinking, Conceptual Learning, Metacognition)

In addition to Gareth Jacobson's role as an educator in school, he also facilitates and designs workshops independently for both the IB and non-IB organizations.

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(Focus: Assessment, Choice, Differentiation, Formative Assessment, Inquiry, Literacy, Math, PD, Prior Knowledge, Real-life Experiences, Reflection, Student Voice, Technology, Units of Inquiry)

Sharyn has taught in Duesseldorf, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and is currently the Lower School Asst. Principal / PYP Coordinator at The International School of Helsinki, Finland. She enjoys teaching and is passionate about Differentiation, Assessment, and Technology. She is an IB PYP Workshop Leader, Visiting Team Member and Reader. I am a CIS, WASC and NEASC Visiting Team Member. Her goal for this blog is to share her ideas and encourage you to share your thoughts with her.

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(Focus: Teaching, Learning, Play, Social Emotional)

Dr. Katie Egan Cunningham is a veteran classroom teacher, literacy consultant, and teacher educator with twenty years of experience in education.

Katie is the author of Start with Joy: Designing Literacy Learning for Student Happiness published by Stenhouse in the fall of 2019. Her book, Story: Still the Heart of Literacy Learning, was published in 2015 also by Stenhouse.

She is the co-author of Literacy Leadership in Changing Schools, published by Teachers College Press in 2016.

Katie is also the co-author of The Classroom Bookshelf, a weekly School Library Journal blog dedicated to children’s and young adult literature.

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Zerosei Project

(Focus: Early Years, Reggio Emilia)

The main aim of Zerosei Project is to enhance educator’s understanding, and to support schools in the implementation of Reggio Inspired practices, as well as support their work on projects, developed from the children’s interests.

It starts with sharing reflections with you about your meaning of education and values that will drive our work in supporting you in implementing an approach that is able to reflect your principles in each detail.

The intent is to develop your potential in a way that cultural roots, educational philosophy and values are well intertwined and reflected. The goal is to continue to work on providing children with quality early childhood education that is lifelong, sustainable and adaptable in our fast-evolving world.

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(Focus: Early Years, Unpacking Pedagogy, Relationships, Agency, Collaboration)

(Focus: Early Years, Reggio Emilia Inspired, Literacy, Play, Science)

Fairy Dust Teaching is a business that is built on the passion for the wonder and magic of early childhood. The six owners that believe young children have the right to play, to be collaborators in learning, and to dream. Their Blog has many beneficial Early Years posts. Well worth a read.

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(Focus: Early Years, Reggio Emilia Inspired, Preparing Materials, Play, Inspiring Inventiveness)

Opal School began as a seed of an idea inspired by a 1996 study tour of the municipal preprimary schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy attended by a group of 10 educators from Portland, OR. Unfortunately, Opal School and the Center for Learning is now permanently closed, but the website and its resources remain available to educators for now.

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(Focus: Coaching, Collaboration, Communication, Community & Service, Constructing Ideas, Documentation, Early Years...Play, EdTech...iPads...Coding, Exhibition, Learning Spaces, Literacy...Maths, SeeSaw, UOI, Visible Thinking, Wellness)

Learning, collaboration and innovation in the elementary classroom. Jocelyn Sutherland is an enthusiastic, motivated, Apple Distinguished Educator, a tech advocate and advisor and life-long learner. Her philosophy hinges on collaboration, innovation and creativity. The site hosts a wide variety of PYP, inquiry, tech early childhood inspirational articles.

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(Focus: 21 century learning, Collaboration, Effective learning Spaces, Game-based learning, Mindset, PLNs, PD, Reflective practice, Teaching and learning, Technology integration)

Jennifer Fenton is a Technology for Learning Coordinator. She is interested in tech integration, PYP, reading, learning and music.

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(Focus: agency, ATL skills, communication skills, emotional/self management, Jamboard, Kahoot, Loom, Padlet, Self- Assessment, Thinking skills)

ATL Skills in the Future is managed by Johana Barón, a primary teacher for more than 20 years. currently teaching in Gimnasio Los Portales in Bogotá, Colombia. Johana focuses on designing and creating new resources/strategies to help her students enhance their understanding of ATL skills in different environments. She loves helping colleagues around the world and sharing her insights.

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(Focus: 21st-century-learning, Global-collaborations, Learning to be, Library 2.0, Parenting-in-the-digital-age, Pedagogy, PD, School-community, Teaching-technology,Technology-coaching....Technology-integration...Technology-tools., The-learning-hub, Third-culture-kids)

Always Learning focuses on Technology in the classroom. Its author is Kim Cofino who is a technology consultant and educator with nearly two decades of experience living and working in diverse settings across Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa.

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(Focus: Teaching, Learning, Technology, Critical Thinking, PD)

TeachThought is an idea and brand dedicated to innovation in K-12 education. This is pursued by growing teaching through thought leadership, professional development, resource curation, curriculum development, podcast publishing, and collaboration with organizations around the world.


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