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Students want to know about current events, but adult news shows and sites can sometimes be scary, overwhelming, or even boring for a young audience. The websites and apps on this list offer stories of interest to students and make serious events more digestible. If students are seeking information about news that's potentially upsetting, it's always a good idea to discuss the issue together and get some reassurance or guidance. Breaking news also can be tough on students, since facts can change quickly and initial reporting is sometimes wrong or offtrack. Teachers can use these student-friendly sources as a jumping-off point to discuss how news is reported and how to be a critical media consumer. It's important to help children understand how to identify legitimate news sources and avoid stuff that's too partisan or even completely fake.

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Source: Common Sense Media
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CBC Kids News is a daily Canadian news service for children, focusing on topics that matter to them. It aims to provide real news in a way that resonates with young audiences and includes their perspectives. The content is well-researched, balanced, and adheres to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Journalistic Standards and Practices. The service is created for and with children, providing trustworthy information that gives children a voice in the news.