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PYP Planner Overview

The PYP is a complex program that requires complex planning. Units must contain a central idea and a few lines of inquiry, as well as consider the six transdisciplinary themes, the seven key concepts, and the ten learner profile attributes. While in the new Enhanced PYP the IB does suggest that a unit planner address these needs, the focus now shifts to learner agency, collaboration, reflection and demonstration of learned concepts. Schools are asked to create their own planner or use one of the three subscription planners currently available (see below)

Collaborative Planning Process

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"It's all about collaboration which should happen throughout the planning, teaching and learning process. The IB has provided a mandatory planning process (above) which is applied for all inquiry (a single-subject inquiry unit as well as a transdisciplinary unit of inquiry). The planning process guides us from the beginning to the end. Initial discussions/ideas/thoughts about the unit may take place during collaborative planning. Whatever teachers discuss and plan for the units, it can always be changed as we involve the students to take roles in their learning. The planning process would also encourage the learning community to continuously collaborate and reflect throughout the unit." Inquiry Into Learning Blog

The Planning Process

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Who Do We Plan For

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The article’s premiss is “schools and teachers should view planning as being responsive to student learning and interests. The planning process continues throughout the life of the unit and is developed according to the experiences and wonderings that occur during the learning process. There must be space for students to engage in meaningful conceptual inquiry and teachers need to create that space. Without space for student inquiry, wonderings and curiosity it would need to be questioned if the presence of authentic student inquiry existed within the unit.” The article advocates that effective conceptual planning is based on eight principles and understandings.

Discussion About Planning

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In his video Sonya terBorg and Lisa Verkerk talk about the new planners they collaboratively created. Read Sonya's blog (below) and view Sonya and Lisa's new planners below - "Sample Planners"

Analysing the PYP Planner

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The Story of a New PYP Planner

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Focus on the Planning Process...

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Sample Planners

Fee-Based Planners


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Toddle is a collaboration platform for IB PYP and MYP teachers, designed by IB teachers. Toddle seamlessly integrates curriculum planning, evidence collection, student portfolios, reporting, and parent communication – all from one beautiful interface – and helps teachers focus on the important things.

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There are different fee plans to use Toddle, be it for teachers and schools looking for a unit planning tool aligned to IB PYP / MYP. For schools looking to streamline their entire planning and evaluation process or for schools looking for a one-stop technology solution for the PYP - both for in-school and online learning.

The program includes:

  • A learning platform supporting PYP, MYP, DP and UbD

  • Designed with the new Standards & Practices in mind.

  • Many support/how-to materials such as videos, webinars and documents

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ManageBac is Redesigned from the ground up for the Enhanced PYP!

  • The only learning platform supporting the full IB Continuum and designed with the new Standards & Practices in mind.

  • Collaborative real-time unit planning with integrated Student Portfolio, Assessment and Reporting.

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  • Flexible unit template editor and enhanced reflections designed from the ground up for the new PYP.

  • Worksheets for Service Learning and Project-Based Learning allow students to plan, record and reflect upon action as a dynamic outcome of agency.

  • The program includes:

    • Collaborative Planner

    • Portfolio

    • Curriculum

    • Teaching and Learning

    • Assessment & Reporting

    • School to Home

    • On-line Teaching

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