Learner Agency

What is Learner Agency?

Learner Agency: Summary

Learner agency is about having the power, combined with choices, to take meaningful action and see the results of your decisions. It can be thought of as a catalyst for change or transformation. Within a school context, Learner Agency is about shifting the ownership of learning from teachers to students, enabling students to have the understanding, ability, and opportunity to be part of the learning design and to take action to intervene in the learning process, to affect outcomes and become powerful lifelong learners.

    • Students have voice, choice and ownership for their own learning.

    • When students’ have agency, the relationship between the teacher and students becomes a partnership.

    • Students with a strong sense of self-efficacy bring a stronger sense of agency to the learning community.

    • The learning community supports agency and fosters self-efficacy.

Source: ibo.org / Core Eduction

What is Learner Agency?

Run Time: 2:02 - Nov 9, 2015

What Is Learner Agency?

What Is Learner Agency.pdf

Students Demonstrate Agency When They:

  • influence and direct their own learning make choices

  • voice opinions

  • ask questions and express wonderings

  • communicate understandings

  • construct new meanings

  • participate in and contribute to the learning community.

Agency Defined

Agency Poster.pdf
Source: Sonya Terborg Blog | Page LINK

Agency in PYP

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Cycle of Agency

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4 Ways to Build Agency

4 Ways to Build Agency.pdf

Agency is Like...

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What Agentic learners Do

What Agentic Learners Do.pdf

Agency Through Student Questions

Encouraging Student Questions in the PYP.pdf
Source Website: Toddle
This resource, created by Toddle, will introduce you to ways of establishing a culture of questioning and give you 5 take-home strategies on how to elicit strong, deep student questions that drive effective learning. It is designed as a presentation, you can use it for workshops with teachers, peers, and parents!

Articles That Support Learner Agency

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Agency Requires Building Character

Character Counts.pdf

Agency Requires Being Creative

12 Benefits of Creativity.pdf

Agency Requires Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

10 Things That Will Happen...Comfort Zone.pdf

Learner Agency in an Innovative Learning Environment

Run Time: 2:32 - Nov 22, 2015
An example of student agency in a Hallswell school in Australia. Take a look at "Open Planned Classrooms."

Empowering Student Agency Through PBL

[Gever Tulley]

Run Time: 1:42:11- Nov 18, 2021
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Drew Perkins talks with Gever Tulley, founder of Tinkering School and SF Brightworks, about their use of PBL to develop student agency and deeper learning that works.

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Source: The TeachThought Podcast

Creating A PYP Leadership Profile

This document was created by Grade 5 students at Seisen International School, Japan, during a leadership week. You can view the entire process here.

Leadership Skills.pdf

Are We Preparing Students To Be Chefs or Cooks?

Is the goal of education to have learners that are compliant, follow the rules, and can do what they are told? Or is it something more? Are we looking to help students prepare themselves for anything? Encouraging agency... voice, choice and responsibility?

In this video, A.J. Juliani takes a look at the difference between "chef-like behaviors" vs "cook-like behaviors" and ask the big question: What is the purpose of schooling? Definitely worth a watch.

Run Time: 11:54 - Oct 24, 2018Source website: A.J. Juliani

Impactful Innovation and Learner Agency

Chicago based digital learning coordinator Jennie Magiera talks about meaningful change - not change for the sake of change but transformation that is focused on improving learning and experiences for students. Jennie emphasizes the need to reinstate curiosity, scaffold the release of responsibility to our students, show them how to follow their passion and the importance of resilience.

Run Time: 4:06 - Jan 21, 2015

Promoting Learner Agency

At the Teachers Matter Conference 2016, Karen started with the big picture of education and the changes coming. She then explores the underlying philosophies of the Modern Learning Environment and practical ways to develop student agency.

Run Time: 37:38 - Jan 28, 2016

Connect Learner Agency to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our goal as agentic individuals should be to learn about the Goals, to teach them to others and to take action wherever you live. Click on the link below to learn more. Navigate to: Sustainable Goals (SDG)

A Future of the World's Children

Run Time: 15:56 - Apr 21, 2021
This is a must-see video that documents the reality that today’s children face an uncertain future. The climate emergency, conflict and migration, pervasive inequalities, and predatory commercial practices threaten the health and future of children everywhere. It is a CALL TO ACTION for promoting greater student agency and it connects to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
This film presents the key findings of the seminal WHO-UNICEF-Lancet report “A Future for the World’s Children?” to help governments, communities and industry make real change for the world’s children. Only by working together, with children at the center of our political, economic and social action, can we give them agency to make a world that’s worthy of and for them.
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5th Grade Dance Party...

A Pathway to Curiosity and Engagement

An example of student agency during morning soft entry at Waukee School. Students are given agency to make choices of where to go and what to do each morning.

The students created their own school song. Take a look HERE.

Run Time: 2:10 - Dec 15, 2016

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